Reviving Eloise

I was a very precocious child, very precocious indeed. My most favorite books were Kay Thompson’s Eloise series. Eloise was the epitome of everything I wanted to be: fabulous, living in the Plaza, traveling around the world and running the show. My preferred Eloise book was (obviously) Eloise in ParisQuelle surprise.

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Me circa 1992.
Me circa 1992.

This explains oh so much. Not only was I bossy and attention-seeking but also I was ready to leave home at the drop of a hat. On multiple occasions (beginning at age 2), I packed my bags (hot pink My Little Pony backpack, duh), told my parents I was leaving and never coming back, and proceeded to confidently walk down the front steps, down the street, waving goodbye until I reached a street that I couldn’t cross without an adult.

Summer days with my gram, hat required.
Summer days with my gram, hat required.

Over the past few years, however, my inner Eloise has been preoccupied with studying. International politics, conflict resolution and law school definitely got in the way of having too much fun. When my last law final finished last July, I hopped on a plane for six weeks of globe trotting before settling down for two years as a trainee solicitor at an American law firm in the heart of the City. At one fell swoop, the studious preoccupations and burden of two decades of education were lifted and I could live and breathe again.

Long gone are the days of My Little Pony, replaced by Longchamp and Lanvin (among many, many others). I am just as bossy and attention-seeking as ever, although years of practice have perfected these within the limits of that which is socially-acceptable (most of the time). I still strive to be fabulous (it’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it), and although I am not living in the Plaza, I am living in London which is just as expensive so it is practically the same. I am now, slowly but surely, reviving my inner Eloise and learning to live a life full of adventure.

Whatcha thinking sunshine?

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