Fabulous Living – Office Style

Like most of you chickadees, the (vast) majority of my life is spent in the office. The harsh flourescent lighting, uber-thick industrial glass windows, billions of binders and unruly stacks of paper always sometimes brings me down. After spending 14 hours in the office yesterday, I decided it was time to spruce things up just a tad.


Voila! Whole new desk

It is amazing what a difference £3 of white tulips make in my office. My desk feels fresh and sunshiny and happy – I waltz into my office ready to face the emails, the memos, the research – whatever the day… evening…night may throw my way – because I have tulips on my desk. So there!

There has been some chatter in the office about bulletin boards and personal pictures- to what extent should our personal lives invade our desk space? Is it socially and professionally acceptable to decorate our space as we see fit? The answer seems as simple as white tulips: whatever makes it easier to face long days and nights at the office, whatever gives you the motivation to face the tasks of each day. Whether that is pictures of loved ones or flowers or Birchbox Words of Wisdom (guilty!) – do you, within reason.

There are two serious limitations to what is reasonable when it comes to personal decoration of office space.

1. For the love of kittens, please do not litter your space with pictures of your pets. We all love our pets but there is no need to make your cubicle look like the Humane Society.

2. In the interest of not losing my lunch every time I walk past your office, please do not put x-rated pictures of yourself or others on display; not only is it inappropriate, it’s uncomfortable.

Most of all, keep it simple. And if someone tries to tell you they don’t like your personal work space… tough tatas… they are just jeal.


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