Be:Fit London

In my never ending quest to get fit and (even more) fabulous, I ventured out early Sunday morning to check out the latest fitness and health trends at the Be Fit women’s expo with my sporty partner-in-crime. We made our way through aisle after aisle of neon spandex, protein shakes, probiotics, yoga retreats in St Lucia and collagen supplements, stopping to taste, enquire and sign up for the endless offers and drawings.



I signed up for ten classes of hot yoga at Fierce Grace which I cannot wait to try, got a free three day pass to a swanky West London gym, bought packets of no-carb water noodles AND left with three full bags of freebies and fun swag. I also managed to get some fabulous new headphones; not only are they made for running but also they coordinate perfectly with my shoes.

To top off a wonderfully fit weekend, I got out for that long-awaited run.

Let us raise a toast of lime, honey and ginger matcha to a fabulous weekend!

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