Ladies who lunch

In the lead up to qualification, as trainee solicitors, we have to suffer complete multiple training sessions over the course of the two years. One of the major perks of these external trainings is that we are out of the office for a couple of days and the courses “run all day”, which means we finish at 4pm – a total rarity in comparison to our late nights where 9pm is early and if we make it to dinner with friends at 7pm it’s because we have had a really slow day.

Today was the first day of finance and business skills, which is basically just two days of lectures recapping business law and ethics. Lucky for us, the law school hosting the session is right by Whitecross Market. Lunchtime in the City offers vary little variety from the standard chain food restaurants, leading to the tedious routine of running out, grabbing something quick from the healthiest looking place and chowing down quickly in front of my computer or while catching up with my fellow trainees.

But during training days, we get to take a long lunch during which we get to explore all of the delicious, fresh, local food trucks on Whitecross road, tucked away from the bustle of the City.  There is nothing better than taking a long lunch and sitting in the sun outside in a park enjoying the spring weather. The fact that your out of office message is letting everyone know that you are unavailable certainly doesn’t hurt either.







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