Fierce Grace!

As part of my spring fitness initiative (and as part of a special deal purchased last weekend), I signed up for a ten class package at Fierce Grace. I have never once taken a yoga class, despite spending two whole years in college working the front desk at this beautiful little yoga studioΒ in Washington D.C. I am now seriously regretting not taking advantage of working there to enjoy all the yoga and Pilates classes.


Alas, I have finally jumped on the yoga bandwagon by way of hot yoga! After two classes of feeling the heat and burn, I am a believer! And while I am not able to speak to hot yoga generally, the classes available at Fierce Grace are fantastic. I go to the City location, just a few minutes up the road from the office and a quick hop from the Old Street Tube station. There is one beautiful studio available, in which classes are run all day everyday from 645am to 1015pm.


Image courtesy of Fierce Grace.

The classes fill up to near capacity for most classes but they never feel too packed. The 645am classes run daily during the week are fantastic and a great start to the day. I thought I would be completely exhausted after such an early and intense start to the day but it actually helped my concentration and focus. Also, I slept like a wee babe, happy and all limber.

I tried one of the weekend classes which was a bit more packed and also ran on the tails of an earlier class which meant the room was super hot and steamy. I definitely preferred the heat level in the first class of the day and will probably only go to those earlier classes as I couldn’t bear the heat today. There are a few different class options available, but so far my favorite is the Fierce Grace class which is more fast paced and integrates poses and techniques from several different types of yoga.

The vibe at the studio is chill and comfortable, with coconut waters and fresh juices available for purchase after class. I only have two minor issues: communal showers and the changing rooms without lockers that are dimly lit = basically putting on makeup in the dark (which means I leave looking like Snooki – not a good look, for the office or elsewhere). My yoga buddy and I have remedied this by throwing on a jacket and shoes and walking down the street to our offices which have lovely big individual shower rooms.

Despite these minor gripes, I love the atmosphere and classes at Fierce Grace and I will definitely be taking advantage of their newcomer offer (30 days unlimited for Β£35!) after I finish up my ten classes.

Image courtesy of Fierce Grace City.


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