Happy Friday!

A couple of weeks ago, the Guardian published their “Totally non-scientific guide to your 20s” in which they referred to 28 as the age at which women are their happiest due to job and relationship stability. The underlying “scientific report” also mentionned that  it is the age where “their hair looks the best, body shape is at its peak”.

This got me thinking – am I in the best shape? does my hair look fabulous? Is this the happiest I am ever going to be?! And while I know that on most days my hair does look fantastic, my body is a work in progress and although not unhappy by any means, I definitely don’t think that I have reached the summit of joy worthy of saying I am the happiest I have or ever will be in my whole entire life.

So, if this article is right (which is definitely debatable), I have until January to be happier, get fitter and continue to look fantastic, because it is all down hill from there. This cannot be right.

An article posted yesterday on Huffington Post, entitled “Here’s scientific proof that life gets better as you get older“, claims that happiness peaks at ages 23 and 69! Another article published by the Telegraph reports that 37 is the happiest age! 23, 28, 37, 69… all of the reports attempt to narrow down a lifetime of happiness into one specific 365-day period, they seem to categorically identify happiness as being the result of box-ticking lifetime goals and priorities.

At 28, I have managed to tick a lot of the conventional life boxes:  graduated from university and law school, happily married, fantastic job, well-travelled (25 countries and counting…), but I am not writing my eulogy quite yet! I have a lot of other stuff I want to do and accomplish in the years to come. So maybe instead of ticking the boxes towards the pinnacle of happiness and waiting for whichever scientifically proven year of my life is supposed to be the happiest, I am going make an effort to make every day happy, even if just for a moment.

Happy Friday to you all!


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