To market, to market

No – not to buy a fat pig. We don’t eat Babe in our household. But we do love a good truffle or truffle accompagnement.

Last weekend I was feeling the need for truffle-related things. So off to market we went: Borough Market. On a Saturday. We got our game faces on.

photo 2

We bring our own market tote.

We made it to Borough Market (tube station: London Bridge) around noon and I beelined for the goods (helloooooo truffles) and my less-truffle-centric-partner headed for the baked goods (typical, the man could live on baguettes).

Here are my Borough Market favorites:

Pâté Moi: organic mushroom pate! to.die.for

Taste Croatia: white and black truffle oil – I have to resist the urge to put this on everything I cook. They also have lots of other truffle products (truffle pate!) as well as beautiful fig jams.

The French Comte: oh comté – you are the cheese of my dreams. There is nothing better than a 24-month aged comté… unless it is a 36-month aged comté!

Tartufaia Truffles: another truffle-y wonderland. Truffle honey?! This may be the end of the world as we know it. Death by truffles.

Well if you insist...

Well if you insist…

There are also fantastic vegetable and fruit stands offering amazing deals (and/or outrageously marked up legumes, so choose wisely). I managed to get a nice handful of morel mushrooms for next to nothing – throw that into the truffle mix, some asparagus or peas (or both – wild thing!) and voila risotto worthy of a Michelin star!

And if your hankering for some foliage around the house, stop by the cute little flower shop in London Bridge station – it is literally a hole in the wall but the best kind.

Bloom where you are planted!

Bloom where you are planted!


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