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In the never-ending attempt to get more fit and fabulous, my fitness partner-in-crime (let’s be honest, the crimes extend well beyond fitness) and I signed up for the introductory offer at CycleBeat: £20 for 14 days unlimited spinning classes. Considering each class is £15, it is a steal.

Hey Ho! (Photo Courtesy of CycleBeat)
Hey Ho! (Photo Courtesy of CycleBeat)

The dirty deets: spinning studio right by Monument station in the City (perfect location for all you City workers), located in a really cool converted pub space with clean and modern showers/locker rooms. There is only one studio for classes but there are enough classes on the schedule to fill your days, nights and weekends.

Just over a week in and we have already made it to 5 classes (which considering our schedules is pretty impressive). The morning and evening classes are 45 minutes, with some shorter classes at lunchtime and longer ones on the weekend. Our evenings no longer belong to us so we have resorted to the 7am or 745am classes, which is perfect timing to get into the office by 9am. The class sizes are restricted to 50 and one of the best things about CycleBeat is its techie advantages. You book your classes and your bike online, you get reminder emails of upcoming classes and you get emails after each class with your performance summary which details your average speed, distance, calories, etc. while charting your performance and comparing it with past classes!

The classes themselves are a blast and each teacher has a different style. There are some that focus more on adding resistence while others focus on sprinting intervals. Each instructor has their individual musical line-up for each class and the blacklit studio, disco ball and pounding music takes your mind off focusing on how much time is left on the clock before the class ends. Our favorite teachers so far have been Keith, Andy F and Kari. While my fitness buddy and I initially had differing views on Kari, she really pushes you to work as hard as you can (and harder!) plus her playlist is fantastic. She is dynamic and oozes energy, and the way she speaks along with the songs (which drove me nuts in the first class) really grew on me. All the teachers have sample playlists on the website so you can see which classes you want to try first (Journey AND Britney – yes, please!). In any case, you don’t see the time fly by, you get a great workout in and you have some fun!

Photo Courtesy of CycleBeat
Photo Courtesy of CycleBeat

We have a few more classes scheduled before the end of the 14 day trial period on Monday and although neither of us is ready to spend £75 a month on spinning classes just yet, it was a fantastic introduction to spinning and CycleBeat!

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