Wednesday Bliss

Can you believe it? Hump day already! Hip hip hooray!

Not only is this week the first week where I have to spend at least five days in the office in the last month but also my favoritist little sister has left London to galavant around Ireland with her friends. Woe is me.

Luckily I had a little somethin-somethin up my sleeve to beat the mid-week (post-vacation, adios-seester) blues: a free rooftop yoga class before work!

Blue Cow Yoga held two different rooftop sessions at One New Change at St. Paul’s, both of which filled up almost immediately. Luckily, I am on a bazillion different newsletters lists so I got that little gem of information early enough to sign up!

My yoga buddy and I met up bright and early in the St. Paul tube station. We made our way to One New Change and up the elevators to the roof terrace. Neither of us had ever been up to the roof terrace and we were blown away by the view. Blue Cow Yoga provided mats for everyone and we set up our little place in the sun, facing St. Paul’s.

Sunshine, blue skies and yoga - what could be better?
Sunshine, blue skies and yoga – what could be better?

Kathryn Griffiths taught the one hour class and I will be going back to Blue Cow Yoga for more classes with her. That girl oozes zen from every single one of her pores yet has some serious pep in her step. Her fun-loving attitude shines through her teaching style – I was super impressed. Although I was definitely on the amateur end of the spectrum when it came to yoga aptitude, I left feeling alive (which, let’s be honest, is not usually the case at 8am on a Wednesday morning).

A huge thank you to Kathryn and Blue Cow Yoga for such a fabulous start to the day (and the goodie bag)!

Gotta love a goodie bag!
Gotta love a goodie bag!

Blue Cow Yoga offers a first free class to newcomers in their City studio (tube station: Bank) and they have a great introductory offer of 2 weeks’ unlimited classes for £20. I have my first free class booked for Friday during lunch and will be starting my two week pass in the coming days!

Also, for those of you who love the rooftops without the yoga, there is the amazing Madison’s Cocktail Bar and Tapas which I plan on visiting sooner rather than later. One New Change is also hosting rooftop viewings of Wimbledon matches every, single day from June 23rd to July 6th… for free! I think it is about time I start cashing in the past six months of eating at my desk.

Happy hump day!


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