Review: Graze

I am such a sucker for advertisement, “free” things and marketing ploys. I LOVE THEM ALL: buy 2, get 1 Free, BOGO, and the lesser appreciated buy one get the second one half price. After months of emails and commercials offering a free box of snacks from Graze, I caved and decided to give it a try (“I love snacks, this will be perfect!” – as if much justification was really necessary).

I went on to the Graze website and signed up to have my free box delivered to my office.

A major plus of the website is that they allow you to pick and choose the kinds of things you like. Each item they have available can be rated as Love, Like, Try and Bin (I wonder if the equivalent on the US website is Garbage – HA!). You can also choose vegetarian/vegan friendly treats. By going through that process, you are able to ensure full satisfaction with your snacks (which is the whole point).

The price of a box in the UK is £3.99 ($6 in the US!) and I have signed up to receive a box every other week, which is more than sufficient to stock my snack drawer at work. The range of snacks includes all types of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, brownies, popcorn, flapjacks, marinated olives and other savory snacks.

When my first box arrived, I was pleasantly surprised.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

My little box of snacks contained 4 individually wrapped portions of different snacks fitting my profile. This is what I got:

  • Brooklyn Bites: roasted pumpkin seeds, cheese cashews and poppy-seed pretzels
  • Natural Vanilla Seeds: sunflower and pumpkin seeds made all vanilla-y (LOVED!)
  • Nature’s Immunity Nuts: cashews, brazil nuts and pistachios
  • Scrumptious Blueberry Swirl: blueberry yogurt raisins, raspberry infused cranberries and blackcurrants

The portion sizes are great and the whole delivery/surprise routine is fantastic for a little mid-week pick me up every other week (or every week) in the office! If you are someone who packs a lunch for work, it may also be handy to have these delivered to your home in order to just pop a snack into your work bag (for those of you who don’t use the office as your personal concierge and delivery service, as I do). And considering the prices of nuts, dried fruit and other healthier snacks, the pricing for these boxes seems quite reasonable.

If you are tempted to try, and are located in either the UK or the US, you can use my handy friend code to get your 1st, 5th and 10th box free! When you go onto the Graze website, just enter DI9Q21R9B to enjoy three free boxes! You can cancel at anytime without having to pay anything if you aren’t happy with your first box.

Fun fact: this is actually a British company that successfully infiltrated the US market late last year – usually it is the other way around!

Happy snacking!!

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