Cheese and Chocolate – Part 3

In case you missed all the fun of the first two days of Sister Vacation 2014, please click here and here. We are over halfway through the cheese-dipping, chocolate-binging, mountain-hiking excitement that was our four day extravaganza in Switzerland.

Day 3 began with a sunny and (relatively) early start. It also began with chocolate milk.

We spent some time wandering around the town shops, scoping out potential restaurants for dinner and purchasing the cheapest possible plastic sunglasses for running off the side of a hill with a giant parachute (we can’t go damaging Versace and Gucci, now can we?). After a day of seeing this:

We decided to take the plunge (or rather the running leap). Luckily, it was all tandem so the experts at Paragliding Interlaken did the hard work. We were driven up to Beatenburg where the launch point is located (1350m above sea level) and just as we arrived and the parachutes were being prepared, it began to hail. We hid under some farm shed across the field to wait for the storm to pass and luckily it did. Although once it stopped, all of these sheep emerged down the hill and were angrily bleating, which the Swiss guides said was normal because they hate the rain… we couldn’t stop giggling.

I ran down the hill first (and nearly faceplanted in a field) but we somehow managed to take flight (despite the faceplant and the excessive cheese and chocolate consumed over the previous 48 hours).


The views were amazing and the pictures definitely do not do the whole experience justice. After about 15 minutes of flying, we landed in a giant field in the center of Interlaken, and got to check out all of the pics and video our flight buddy had taken throughout the trip. We both bought our pictures which they put on a USB key attached to a little parachute!

After our fantastic flight, we set off to explore more of the Jungfrau region, taking a series of trains and trams up the mountains: from Interlaken to Zweilütschinen to Lauterbrunnen to Grutschalp to Winteregg to Murren and back!


We could have gone higher into the mountains but the cloud cover was pretty bad at 1500m and we were both not dressed for extreme temperatures. So instead, we cozied up for an irish coffee and then headed back down the mountain.

After an exciting day of flying and exploring we decided to treat ourselves to a traditional Swiss raclette and fondue at Gasthof Hirschen. The food was to die for and our waitress was the sweetest! For those of you unfamiliar with raclette, it is basically melted cheese… on a plate… with some potatoes and pickles. Our dinner was essentially excessive amounts of melted cheese in various forms, it was divine. After a few glasses of pinot noir, at least three hours of laughter and the most outrageously amazing soundtrack I have ever heard (Enrique!?), we rolled back to our hostel full of cheese and wine and happiness.

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