Cheese and Chocolate – Part 4

Every good vacation must come to an end, including Sister Vacation 2014. Sad times.

We finished our last day of Swiss adventures with train-hopping from Interlaken to Lucerne to Zurich. The train ride from Interlaken to Lucerne was by far the most beautiful train ride of our entire trip. We passed a series of turquoise lakes in the valleys of snow capped mountains, everything was so green and pristine. We kept saying that we have to come back to explore all the little towns hidden between the mountains. Add it to the ever-expanding list of places to visit!

We had a wander around Zurich, stopping to stock on chocolate for co-workers, friends, family and last but certainly not least, my better half.

After schlepping around Lucerne and Zurich in the rain, we hopped on a train to the Zurich airport and grabbed a shuttle to our airport hotel where we drank a half of bottle of pinot noir, finished up some cheese, bread and tapenade, took a short nap and got up for an early flight out of Zurich to London.

WhileΒ this was a short and very sweet/cheesyΒ sister vacation, I am sure the nextΒ one will be even better (no matter where we go)!

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