Make it rain

After decades of schooling and two years of servitude (or 1.5 years for those of us me) as a trainee solicitor, the long-awaited day of recognition and glory finally arrives: qualification.

I am six (oh so short, but oh so long) months away from qualification… a day which in my mind looks a little something like this:





Yes, those images accurately summarize what I expect to happen on that day: (1) I shall be crowned or knighted or something substantially similar (I am in England after all); (2) I shall make it rain with (American) dollar bills (pound coins do not have the same effect at all); and (3) I shall be dressed as a cowboy and dance under the raining dollar bills.

In reality, I will probably be at the office… but that’s okay because pay day is on the 15th and I plan on making it rain then.

In anticipation of the serious (finally!) cash money I will be raking in (and subsequently spending), I have been working on some serious financial scheming planning.

First on the hit list is getting rid of all the credit card debt I have accumulated over the course of the last decade, in order of highest to lowest interest rates. Sensible and unexpected, I know… but after we get rid of those bad boys (which are luckily in dollars – thank you, pound to dollar exchange rate!), I have some damage to do (preferably at duty free or in the US where everything is in dollars, because I don’t overpay just because my country of residence has a ridiculously strong currency):

  1. A qualification bag, a Prada Saffiano Lux Double-Zip Tote, to be precise. Because I am worth it. Oh, and a matching wallet (in a contrasting color, obvi).
  2. A Burberry trench. Because I live in London (and I am still worth it).
  3. A pair of black matte Louboutins, for work. This is essentially a work expense.
  4. And then we shall plan various vacations that involve tall drinks and a tan. And after that madness, I shall pay off all of my student loans in the States, again, thank you, pound to dollar exchange rate. And then I shall go back to work to try and reach my billable targets so I can get my annual bonus… and the cycle continues.

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