Hooray for August!

August: one of my most favorite months of the whole year for many, many reasons.

  • Metropolis living is always best in August. This is especially true in the northern hemisphere (for the most part) because it means that the city empties out of all the city workers who flee to the beach. When you are a little worker bee / indentured servant, as I am, August is the time when the big bosses and clients jump on their yachts and sail away to places where they have no cell reception. Bliss.
  • The weather is usually nice enough to go out and enjoy the freedom that bosses’ vacations permit. For example, leaving the office while it is light out and having a drink during the civilised hours that I shall refer to as “Happy Hour”, instead of going home in the middle of the night after 5 cups of coffee because you thought you were going to have to work through the night.
  • Weekends. Without. Work. While this is something that happens every once and a while during the year, August is almost guaranteed to mean work-free weekends. And well, if it doesn’t rain on those weekends, it is pretty much the greatest thing to ever happen to anyone. Ever. This past weekend, with some friends in tow from Paris, we headed over to Hyde Park for a lovely stroll by the Serpentine.
    Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

    The Serpentine

    photo 4

    Making new friends.

    Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

    photo 2

    This is my mantra.

  • I wear bright colors in the office and everyone seems to love it, even the partners (unless “you look very summery” is code for “why aren’t you wearing appropriate business attire” – whatevs). I promise to go back to black in September… that is a lie.

    Queen of the Elevator Selfie - and Pink Business Attire.

    Queen of the Elevator Selfie – and Pink Business Attire.

  • Lunch on the roof terrace at the office is fast becoming my favorite summertime activity during the work week. Earlier this week, one of my fellow trainees loving brought ice cream bars up during lunch time (literally the highlight of my day). The only things that would make the roof terrace better are a wading pool, lounge chairs and a margarita machine but I feel like that might be overdoing it just a tad (put that on the list of things to do when I make partner).
  • Lunch on the roof terrace goes hand in hand with my next favorite thing: long, leisurely lunches. We recently took the summer associates out for a little lunch (on the firm, of course) and I decided to order a gin cocktail served in a bag, with edible lily pads and a grapefruit fish.

    Like a fish in water...

    Like a fish in water…

  • August marks the end of my current rotation which means that I will be switching things up at the end of the month and heading to another practice group. Words cannot even express how exciting this is. This change also marks my six months until qualification, which I am OVER ZEE MOON about.

Happy August!!


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