Review: Rebounding @ Frame

This post is long, long overdue. My best fitness buddy and I hopped on board a super dee duper deal in July at Frame after drooling over the long list of fun sounding classes in the timetable. We bought the 8-class “Fitness” package for £65 – giving us access to any eight Fitness class credits to use over two months at the Frame studio in Shoreditch. These classes are usually £11-12 each, and thanks to a divine glitch in their online system, we basically have two months unlimited access to all of the Fitness classes we can handle (which as per my work schedule, is actually quite limited).

The fitness classes include creatively fantastic names such as: Get Leggy, Bend it like Barbie, Jane Fonda Tribute, Dynamic Stretch, Sweat Factory, Punch & Pad and Rebounding. And beyond fitness classes, they have yoga, barre, bootcamp, pilates, dance and all kinds of classes you can’t find all in one place.

I have only made it to four Rebounding classes but my fitness (and life) copine has made it to a few more than I have and has been enjoying the full range of crazy classes to the max (including Cardio Kettlebells – oh heavens – those two should never be combined).

Frame, in and of itself, is something to check out: edgy east London dance studio / fitness haven. It is too cool for school and almost too hip for my liking, but it attracts a wide variety of people (not just hipster ballerinas who take Iggy Azalea dance workshops on the weekends, even though they are there too…). It is located just around the corner from Shoreditch High Street and is located under the overground railway.

But let’s get to the good stuff: rebounding. At first, I was skeptical… jumping around on a mini trampoline for an hour? No thank you, I would rather twist my ankle wearing cute shoes. But no! The music was pumping, the instructors are uber fit and super motivating and the classes far from overly packed. I was definitely the runt of the rebounding class (thanks partially to my inherited lack of coordination – merci mother dearest). After a couple of times though, I got increasingly used to the routine and the strange feeling of doing weird movements on a mini-trampoline.

Turns out I love it! Will be making my way to a few more classes before my class package is up (work permitting as always…) – hoping to make it to a Get Leggy class tomorrow morning AND an Ass class on Friday morning, then back to Rebounding on Saturday.

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