Lady in waiting

I am the least patient person on the planet.

Me, Eloise.

Me, Eloise.

I hate waiting just about as much as I hate snakes (but I still hate snakes more). For the last five and a half months (i.e., two weeks into my seat in finance), I have been playing the waiting game. Wait until I get to the weekend (oh wait, I have to work), wait until I get some time off (oh wait, I have to work), wait until it’s summer (oh wait, it’s England AND I have to work), wait until the seat is over on August 29th (oh wait, I am just oh so indispensable that they make me stay another week). Even though my adios finance post dates back to more than 10 days (gasp!) – I am still being held hostage (yes, against my will) in my most favorite of groups (sarcasm, oui? oui).


So now I am waiting… and as you know, when you are waiting for something to happen, it takes FOR-EV-ER. This happens every time I boil water… I end up sitting and watching the water until I can’t take the waiting anymore and I either walk away (or dump all the pasta in anyways).

On the plus side, this waiting gives me ample time to tidy up my desk before I move, prepare a stellar handover note to the next victim trainee and catch up on the bloggidyblog! So get ready for some fun posts over the next few days as I start thinking about other things (wait, life exists outside of the office?!).


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