Fall (or Autumn, if you must)

I love fall. It is my most favorite of seasons. If you are British and insist on doing so, please replace fall with autumn while reading this, otherwise suck it up and enjoy my charming American vocabulary.

As soon as September rolls around, I am in heaven. The crisp cold air early in the morning and late at night… the little kiddies in their new school uniforms starting another year… the leaves turning beautiful colors and falling to the ground (and subsequent crunching of said leaves underfoot)….the smell of new stationary (pencils, notebooks, erasers)… I LOVE IT ALL.

Clearly, I was one of those annoyingly eager children who could not wait to get back to school each year. And as a result, even though my days of schooling are long gone, the transition to fall holds a special place in my heart.

Instead of going shopping for new school supplies, I use my “back to school” nostalgia to do some serious wardrobe revamping. Fall brings all of my favorite fashions together in one glorious season: layers, cashmere, leather boots and (drumroll please….) outerwear.

Oh outerwear, your name does you no justice – it sounds like underwear that you show the world but in reality, you are the best thing (in my life) since fresh new stationary (which is saying a lot… really).

Not only have I outgrown (ingrown? no that’s gross) (basically everything I own from last fall is too big), but also I am a firm believer in closet renaissance (a fancy way of saying I like to buy new stuff every autumn). This year in particular I am focusing on my outerwear collection and channeling my inner Olivia Pope (’cause let’s be honest, that woman has got style, class, grace and an amazing outerwear collection).

Let’s have a little look at my new and improved selections for this fall:

The traditional trench is a London must. I have been wearing a gorgeous skirted Via Spiga trench for the past two years but the time has come to move on and up – this fall I have chosen a knee-length, fully-lined and wonderfully-crafted Burberry trench. Whether you go with Hobbs, Burberry, Gap or H&M – traditional trenches are one of my favorites (and they can also be used to transition from winter to spring to summer – hooray)!

I have taken a step outside my fashion comfort zone with the next choice: my black wool Tahari capelet. I know… when I first saw that it was called a capelet, I was torn between feeling like a more stylish Batman (awesome) and feeling like this:

But, I have received compliments far and wide on my little black bow capelet that I am feeling more Batman than Betty (for now… unless they are mocking me).

My third and final pick for fall outerwear this year is this beautiful little black wool and cashmere wrap from Reiss.

I am such a happy little camper when it comes to autumn – love the colors and the comfort that fall fashion brings! For those of you stateside who may be enjoying a fabulous Indian Summer (is that politically correct?), some of us (me) on the other side of the Atlantic have been thrown into the depths of autumn so I am happily snuggled up in my various outwear, thank you very much. Don’t worry your pretty little heads, my American friends, your time will come (and let’s be honest, the leaves are much better there than here so it is well worth the wait).

Happy fall to you all!

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