Bow Ties and Roller Coasters

After almost a month of not spending a weekend together, my main man and I had some major plans, together for once!

My boss invited us (along with the rest of our team and a handful of the bigwig partners) to his wedding reception out in Surrey on Friday night. As a result, Friday was a blur of meetings, conference calls, hair spray, curling irons, cannoli (didn’t have time for lunch so I stopped at this cannoli stand at One New Change after getting my hair did at the Hershesons – lunch of champions!) and rush hour trains – all to get us out to Chertsey on Friday night at 8pm.

The reception was at the gorgeous and ever so exclusive Queenwood Golf Club – rumored members include Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones and Hugh Grant – although none of them were in attendance (shame really, one of my life goals is to dance with Hugh Grant at a wedding…. so close!).

We may take up golfing…

As the only trainee invited, I got all dolled up, put my man in a dapper tux and chatted the night away with all sorts of interesting people (including the people in my new team who I am slowly getting to know better).

Shameless hotel selfie. Check out my new gold iPhone #baller.
Bows on my toes!
Bows on my toes!
We're driving Cadillaca in our dreams...
We’re driving Cadillaca in our dreams…
Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash...
Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash…
You can call me queen bee...
You can call me queen bee…

The night was complete with endless champagne (rose – but of course!), a live band, a beautiful venue, a sushi chef, a candy bar, video booth and a twenty minute fireworks extravaganza that would rival most small town fireworks on the 4th of July. Divine. My better half spent the night smoking cigars with CEOs of banks and when we got in the cab to leave, he said he thinks he should take up golf or some other upper class activity…

As we were out of London already, we stayed overnight at a local hotel, enjoyed a full English breakfast extravaganza and then went off on a little surprise adventure. I surprised my much deserving husband (he puts up with so much in exchange for being married to someone so awesome…) with tickets to Thorpe Park (a smaller, British version of Six Flags). He thought we were going on some historical tour of a castle or something… so he was more than excited to be spending the day running around like little kids and going on roller coasters.

From black tie to casual Saturday afternoon chic.

After 10 hours of riding roller coasters, waiting way too long in a line for a haunted maze and eating more fair food than anyone ever should, we jumped on a late train back to London, making it home just after midnight.

Sunday was spent sleeping in, watching movies and snuggling under the covers before the start of a hectic week. The most perfect weekend!

Whatcha thinking sunshine?

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