Blue Cow Yoga – Review

This post has been a LONG time coming. You may remember my post about rooftop yoga at One New Change this summer (if not, head here!). That was put on by Blue Cow Yoga and I finally made it to their studio to take advantage of their amazing introductory offer: 2 weeks of unlimited classes for £20.

Blue Cow Yoga is a cute basement yoga and pilates studio around the corner from my office (hello, convenience!) and has one of the best atmospheres I have seen so far in yoga studios around Londontown.

Yoga is such a huge spectrum – you have the militant bikram (hot) yogis who are borderline psychotic and then you have the uber tree-hugging leg/arm hair-free-flowing-hippy-dippy types. Either end of the spectrum is WAY TOO MUCH for me to handle. I don’t have time for that nonsense.

I also have a (slight) aversion for sweaty dangly man parts bulging out of tiny little shorts in a bikram studio (yes, only slight… it does provide some entertainment). I like a little ‘om’ at the end of my practice but not enough to conjure the dead. I don’t mind desparate housewives in Lululemon and a full face of makeup because after all, I am down with style, even at the gym.

Is this all too high maintenance? Maybe (quelle surprise!). But I think I have found a happy home at Blue Cow Yoga.

Where the busy go to stretch - perfect!!
Where the busy go to stretch – perfect!!

Everything about the studio is clean, uncluttered and simple – the perfect space. The staff are friendly and helpful without bordering on cult recruitment (always a good thing in my book). The teachers are FANTASTIC. My favorite classes have been with Kathryn (as featured in my rooftop yoga blog), Pete C. and Lucy B. I love Kathryn’s energy – Pete C. takes the time to make sure that each person is making the most of their time in class – Lucy B. challenges you physically and mentally while targeting different areas of the body (hello abs!). I cannot recommend their classes more highly.

Two weeks is definitely not enough time – I was left me wanting more!

Downside to an unlimited monthly membership at Blue Cow: the price. As with all yoga in and around the City, cost is a major factor. I need flexibility (last minute changes to schedule), something close to work and something I can do several times a week – Blue Cow ticks all of those boxes but I cannot fork over £115 a month (not right now anyway). So I am going to continue to do all of the introductory offers available around the City for the time being but as soon as qualification pay kicks in… you can bet that I will be signing up for a membership at Blue Cow Yoga!

Capture (2)

Something to know – word on the street is that Blue Cow has been sold recently and that they are retaining the schedule/teachers/Blue Cow identity… but this may lead to some changes in 2015 – keep your fingers crossed that the changes are only for the better!

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  1. My friend teaches at blue cow yoga – she’s called Molly. Dunno if you tried her class? I pay £115 a month for triyoga and I don’t think I could live without it!! I go almost every day though so do get my money’s worth!!

    1. I haven’t but I will sure to! Haven’t tried triyoga yet but will add it to my list!! If I can get into the right routine and work isn’t too draining, I would go almost every day so it is well worth the money! xx

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