Busy Bee Arriving Stateside!

Work has been surprisingly busy of late… but it is no big deal because I am loving it. Loving the team, the work, the reasonable but intense hours and my big swanky office neatly tucked away in a corner nook (yes, a big corner office which I share with my big boss supervisor who is tan and well rested after his honeymoon in Mauritius (swoon to lavish island getaways)).

On a more exciting note, I am gearing up for some serious time-off. I haven’t had more than three consecutive days off (sister vacation) since January 8th (not that I went back through my calendar to figure that out or anything).

Tomorrow begins a whirlwind American tour: 8 states in 18 days, 7 airports, 3 train stations – go hard or go home (or both, in my case).

Here’s a rough itinerary for you nosy lot:

London – Washington D.C. (wedding of the year!) – New York City (sister vacation 2014 part deux) – Wilmington – Philadelphia – Chicago – Green Bay (Granny Camp 2014 – 28 year tradition and going strong) – Milwaukee (fam and shoosher time with this pretty princess) – Philadelphia – Wilmington (a second trip to see my seeeeester but this time with mumsie in tow) – Baltimore – London

I will no doubt be posting lots of stories, photos and recommendations of all the fun and shenanigans I manage to get myself into so stay tuned!


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