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As part of my big U.S. tour in November, I made two extended layovers in the Philadelphia/Wilmington area to visit my dearest little sister who is currently stationed (as a travel nurse) in Wilmington. She was excited to show me around her current little corner of the world and I was excited to spend just a bit more time with her. 

You may remember that I planned a fun-filled sister day for us in London when she came to visit in May (for all the details, click here) and she returned the favor by kicking off my time in Philly and Wilmington with a state-side sister day.

We started the day with our most favorite meal: brunch at Cantina Los Caballitos. Oh Mexican food, how I miss you when I am not in America… and Mexican brunch is so delish. I (obviously) ordered the eggs benedict (divine!!) which was an excellent choice – the chipotle hollandaise and green chili corn bread were perfect. Sissy ordered huevos con chorizo (another obvious choice for her). We added on an extra side of guac for each of us and a brunch cocktail – the breakfast margarita for me and the bloody maria for her.

We had already demolished the salsa when our food arrived... typical
We had already demolished the salsa when our food arrived… typical
She planned her sweater accordingly… smart kitten.

After a long, lazy brunch we headed downtown Philly to the historical part of town to wander around all the cute little streets and dip into some cool boutiques for some sisterly shopping time.




After some shopping and a coffee/monster cookie break at Menagerie, we were back in the car and headed to the airport. Unfortunately, sister day was cut a bit short because I was jetting off to Green Bay in the early evening, but after all the fun sisterly time we had in NY, PA and DE… we couldn’t really complain. Also, I was making another final stop in sistertown before heading back to England so it wasn’t ‘goodbye’, it was ‘see you next week’ – my most favorite sisterly farewell ever.

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  1. Currently stationed in Spain, and Ohhhh how this makes me miss food in the states. Particularly Mexican food (which doesn’t exist in Spain). And EGGS BENEDICT. Mmmm the things I would do. Enjoy your time in the states!! And if your missin’ Europe, keep up with me on my blog 😉

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