Home Sweet Home – The Final Leg

I still have not finished all of my posts about my trip back to the States – so much to write about and so little time. I’ve been back in London over a month now and still haven’t managed to squeeze in some quality posts on Wisconsin and my second trip to Pennsylvania and Delaware! So bear with me as I combine them into one huge post about my last 10 days in Ameriiiicaaaa.

After all the fun I had with my little sis in NYC and Wilmington/Philly, I hopped on a flight to good old Green Bay, Wisconsin (via Chicago obviously).  While you may ask, with all my crazy jetsetting around the world to fabulous cities and exotic locations, why on earth I would make a stop in Green Bay, Wisconsin – a very valid question. There are two reasons why I head to Green Bay every chance I get: Gram and Gramps. I would post a picture of my most favorite gram but she would hate it so I won’t (just imagine the cutest little gram in the whole world and times it by a bajillion, that’s her!). Instead I will post pictures of her new cat: Margaret Catherine (aka “Maggie Cat”).

Sassy cat sleeps with her tongue out.


Little brother came to surprise us!
Little brother came to surprise us!
Cat naps were taken.
Cat naps were taken.

I spent five days lounging with gram, coloring with grandpa, shoe shopping with gram (who bought me some gorgeous shoes for Christmas!) and some serious cooking for one and for all! While some people who love to cook, there are others that would rather not – my gram is one of those people and that is just fine with me. I made a bunch of different crock-pot friendly frozen meals that were pre-made, frozen and ready to pop into the crock pot for an easy meal so that gram wouldn’t have to think or worry or slave over a hot stove (because no one wants their gram to do any of those things… except think…).

Planning and cooking goddess.
Planning and cooking goddess.

I also made some fun stuff like cookies and an amazing pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting

After some quality gram/gramps time in Green Bay (with the added bonus of a brother and uncle surprise!), my mumsie came to collect me for the Milwaukee leg of my trip. This is, by far, the shortest amount of time I ever spent in Milwaukee on a trip back to the States. Only 48 hours – just enough time to get in time with my bestie, a dad dinner, a fabulous dinner with my mom, bestie and bestie’s parents (who are basically family) at North Star Bistrot and an amazing cut and dye job at the Establishment… oh and a few short trips to Bayshore – because, let’s be honest, if I didn’t get some shopping in, it wouldn’t be a trip to the States.

Senior picture collection in my mom's office.... when we were young and beautiful.
Senior picture collection in my mom’s office…. when we were young and beautiful.


Shoosh and I at Camp Bar in Shorewood - where I had the most amazing s'mores martini
Shoosh and I at Camp Bar in Shorewood – where I had the most amazing s’mores martini
Oh wisco.
Oh wisco.

And after only a few short days (and a couple of snuggles with Riley), I repacked my bag and set off to Philadelphia once again, this time with mumsie in tow. While my cute little sister is changing cities every four months, mumsie has vowed to visit her once in each place – this was her chance to hit up Wilmington and Philly.

For long-winded family heritage reasons (ie, we had ancestors in this place), Mom planned a trip to Ephrata, Pennsylvania…. and for some reason, I could never remember the name so I just kept calling it urethra. We went to the Cloister – took the tour – took some pics and mumsie told us the whole story (reading all about our ancestor from a book written all about it). Here’s the proof:

My sister is such a movie star - even in a cloister.
My sister is such a movie star – even in a cloister.
The good witch.
The good witch.

FullSizeRender (3)

FullSizeRender (1)

After the cloister visit we headed to the Whip Tavern for a little British-inspired pub lunch (because lord knows I don’t eat enough British pub food)… but this was the real deal – we shared the welsh rarebit (delicious cheese dip) as a starter and then I moved on to the awe-inspiring Beef on Weck sandwich (thinly roasted beef with fresh horseradish!!) and we (obviously) shared the sticky toffee pudding for dessert.


While mumsie and I were in town, we also headed to Little Italy in Philadelphia. This was definitely a highlight of the trip as we found the world’s best truffle cheese ever made – the three of us have a serious truffle addiction and this only added fuel to the fire.

Little Italy in Philly - in black & white.
Little Italy in Philly – in black & white.
FullSizeRender (1)
The scene of the crime – world’s best truffle cheese.


Oh cheesus – there it is – the white one with truffle bits in it!!


We had an amazing dinner at Eclipse Bistrot in Wilmington – I had the to-die-for potato gnocchi with littleneck clams, bacon, celery and bechamel. Mumsie opted for roasted vegetables with truffled breadcrumbs and a half order of the pumpkin risotto (with sage – obvi) and little kitty ordered something else amazing – roasted lamb or pork – with a crispy cheddar polenta. It was fantastic… despite arriving to an empty restaurant and being told that there was only space available at the bar… which we thought was a joke so we laughed in their faces but then they were like ‘no, really’.

We had a yummy drink or two at my sis’s fave drinking hole – a hidden password-only speakeasy called Hummingbird to Mars in Trolley Square in Wilmington. To continue my autumnal drinking spree, I chose a cocktail called Autumn Fizz with gin, egg white, cream, pumpkin puree, chocolate bitters and seltzer – ideal.

And then all of a sudden, it was my last day and I was being dropped off at the Baltimore airport with excessive amounts of luggage, Christmas presents and Thanksgiving supplies. Just like that, my glorious 2.5 weeks state-side were over and I was back on a plane, landing in London and on my way into the office.

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