2014 to 2015

And just like that, it is 2015 – crazy.

2014 was an exciting year for us on so many levels:

  • our second full year living in London
  • lots of fun visits from friends near and far (in-laws in April, mom in April/May, sis in May, our fave couple from down under in July, Parisian friends throughout the year)
  • a few fab trips – we started 2014 out in Wisco, I went to Switzerland with my sis in June, J spent a few weeks in Morocco in August, I made a quick trip to NYC in September and then went back to the States for a bit more fun in November. This is probably the year where we traveled the least… things to improve in 2015!
  • I survived a few tough months at the office but it paid off when I received (and subsequently signed) my official offer to join the firm as an associate as of March 2nd
  • J started (and rapidly excelled) at a great new job in London
  • we celebrated quite a few engagements and weddings and babies with many of our friends – mazel tov to all!

All in all, it has been a busy but fabulous year.

Looking forward to 2015 – we have some major plans on the horizon:

  • my 29th birthday is coming up shortly… no big deal that it’s the last one before 30, just another year of being awesome.
  • spending a weekend in Brussels at the end of January visiting my work bestie who has been exiled to the continent for two whole months.
  • my whole month of vacation in Thailand runs from February 14th and will feature 30 days and 30 nights of diving, yoga, beaches, sunsets, cocktails (detox and retox), cooking classes and sunshine (well not 30 nights of sunshine – that would be weird)
  • starting my legal career as a practicing lawyer in March – this is a major one and has been a long time coming. I started law school in September 2009, started working as a paralegal in July 2010, finally finished school in July 2013 and started my training in September 2013. It is about damn time that I am actually a qualified lawyer.
  • a non-winter-months trip to the States in June with J so he can experience Wisconsin in a non-frozen state – this may include a week long trip to Yellowstone with the fam
  • a few European weekends away – these will likely be in the latter half of the year and may be last minute getaways – Paris (at least twice), Istanbul, Portugal and/or possibly somewhere Nordic? We will see.
  • a work-trip to the States in October (with a few extra days off for good measure – and maybe a little road trip with my work besties)
  • work permitting (as always now that I have signed my life away), Christmas/New Years in the States with my fam following our absence for Christmas 2014
  • working towards eliminating all of my student debt by the end of the year… but this will depend on the extent of our travels…. because let’s be real: Travel > Outstanding Debt

2015 is shaping up to be a pretty fantastic year!

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