Beauty and the Beach

With only five weeks until you can find me lounging in the sunshine (or shade due to the translucent state of my skin), I have a few things to do in order to be in tip top shape for my month-long sabbatical to the tropics.

My seven steps to beach body bliss:

  1. Loads of yoga and a bit of reformer pilates (courtesy of a free trial from HeartCore in the City!)
  2. Waxing – this needs no explanation – no one wants to look or feel like Chewbacca on the beach. I will, however, take this opportunity to vent my waxing frustrations. When I lived in Paris, I had a waxing appointment every four weeks for approximately 4 years and each time it only cost me a mere 38 euros to take care of all the necessary bits. In London, it is a miracle if I can find a place that costs less than £90 and in the US it is always somewhere in the $100-150 range. RIDICULOUS! How can it be that expensive? It is just wax. I swear there is money to be made in waxing… if this whole law thing doesn’t pan out if anyone needs an investor for their London waxing salon, please let me know. Meanwhile, I found a place close to work that will take care of my business for £75…. so that may be as good as it gets. I had a look around my hotels in Thailand but the waxing seems pretty comparable in terms of price – getting all the damn tourists who forgot to get their wax on prior to vacation. Hair removal – #firstworldproblems
  3. A fake tan (spray not tanning beds) – I haven’t gone fake baking since college and it is for the best – my skin will hopefully thank me one day. I do love the idea, however, of leaving on vacation with a little bit of a beachy glow, just to kick start the whole experience.
  4. Pedicure – oh the luxury. With average pedicure prices in London ranging from £30-£50, I think I will be doing my own pedicure prior to departure and then getting one once I land in Thailand – I could probably go anywhere in the world and get a cheaper pedicure than in London… again, why so expensive? The mind boggles.
  5. Brow/lash tint, a bit of brow threading and some lash extensions – while this may seem a bit much for a beach vacation, it literally means that I don’t have to wear any make-up for almost a month and you won’t even be able to tell it from my selfies (the dream). Also, I got a sweet groupon so I won’t be paying a fortune for this either. Cha-ching.
  6. Making the best possible food choices for a happy, healthy body – almonds, leafy greens, green tea, green cold-press juices, whole grains, good fats, more fiber, less sodium and lots and lots of H20. If I can get a good groupon for a juice cleanse, I may do that too – we shall see.
  7. Hydrate and moisturize – water water water, all the live long day. And lotion so that my sad, wintery dry skin doesn’t suffer once I get to a warmer, sunnier climate.

Starting to get a wee bit excited, if you couldn’t tell…


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