Beat the January Blues Stiletto Style

January is such a sad month. The holidays are over, everyone is on some extreme diet or doing “dry January”, the weather is cold and miserable and everyone is reeling in the financial black hole brought on by the cheerful consumption of the festive season. January – you are on my shit list.

Boo you, January.
Boo you, January.

So basically January is the time of year where everyone is tired, poor and HANGRY (hungry/angry). Here is my cure for the January blues:

  1. Eat well – without killing yourself or cutting out everything that brings you joy in your diet. For me this is an almond cappuccino on the way into the office and a green juice for lunch… throw in the occasional spicy veggie pho and I am golden.

    Nom nom nom. Happy Bunny!
    Nom nom nom. Happy Bunny!
  2. Do a little exercise – again, without killing yourself – this is key. There is no reason to be going all gung-ho at the gym just ’cause it’s January… spread the love over the rest of the months of the year. Your body will thank you.

  3. Get some fresh air, weather permitting. Even a few minutes of sunshine can make a huge difference to your day.

    Imagine running around London like this....
    Imagine running around London like this….
  4. When in doubt, hibernate. You won’t miss anything and sometimes you just need a bit of rest… and macaroni and cheese… but mostly rest.

Just think, it’s already January 20th – the month is flying by! Before you know it, it will be June.

Whatcha thinking sunshine?

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