Birthday girl

Hello loving readers, it is me, the birthday girl.


While my birthday may have been Tuesday, I am, and always have been, a firm believer in the well-known concept of “birthday week”. This allows for people with birthdays during the week to bridge the gap from one weekend to the next in order to fully celebrate and better appreciate the week (sometimes 10 days if you play your cards right) of your birth.

My birthday started on Monday with the delivery of presents from my little sister – she sent me…. wait for it… a hot pink selfie stick. Not gonna lie – I asked for it (literally). I am so excited to use this on our vacation – especially for the first two weeks while I am riding solo. Selfie vacation! She also sent me this amazing coconut hydrating after sun lotion – which lord knows my translucent skin will definitely need after the sun. Oh – and I just got these amazing clip on lenses for my iphone so I can take even cooler pics for my instagram…. so if y’all have a problem with my selfies and excessive pictures on instagram – you will have to take it up with my sister (and she’s a tough cookie so good luck).

I got home on Monday night to a present and card from my mumsicle who had a beautiful travel jewelry wallet made for me – it will be perfect for all my travelling!!

My birthday itself was super fun, thank you very much. I had a breakfast arranged with some fab friends from law school days, my boss brought me a giant box of cupcakes (breakfast part two), I had special deliveries of presents, chocolate and champagne throughout the day (from my main man, my work friends and my dad) and lots of fun and creative cards (which I LOVE). I had a killer day at work, actually working (imagine that!) – getting some mad recognition for an amazing loophole I found for a potential client… in another jurisdiction’s legislation… and my boss was literally singing my praises all the damn day long. And I had a fabulous lunch with the FrenchΒ delegation (the two French speaking associates in the office)… and we shared dessert (just to continue the sugar high I was riding all day). It was a good day.

I could not decide what I wanted to do for dinner – we are saving our pennies for Thailand and didn’t want to blow a bazillion dollars on a birthday dinner so we ended up having dim sum at Ping Pong – which I love! And yes, I had two desserts… because I do what I want on my birthday.

We went home, where I had presents waiting from my better half who knocked it out of the park this year…. special shellac manicure UV lamp (so I can give myself long-lasting manis/pedis), a blinging picture frame with a hilarious elevator selfie in it (which I will be keeping as the actual picture in the frame) and my two favorite types of cupcakes (red velvet with cream cheese frosting, cookies and cream) with candles to blow out. I ended up saving the cupcakes for dinner the next day because not only do I like to keep the birthday train running all week long but also I literally could not consume any more sugar.

I spent the rest of the evening chatting with my gram and my sister until I finally came down from my sugar high and crashed into bed… at midnight (I’m getting old – that is late!)

This evening I am having a birthday drink with some of my work buddiesΒ so that will continue the fun for yet another day and tomorrow evening I leave for Brussels to see my work bestie who has been sent to the Brussels office for a couple months (much to my dismay). So I am off to see her for an exciting weekend in Belgium celebrating my birthday week – chocolate, mussels and french fries, waffles, crazy beers – should be fabulous. And yes, I am taking my selfie stick.

But the greatest birthday present of them all is that I only have two weeks left as a trainee – all of my papers have been filed, all of my criminal records have been received (good news – not a criminal!) and all of my dues have been paid to the relevant authorities (by the firm obvi)… so I am good to go – just waiting to receive my practicing certificate which makes it all official!

More to come on birthday week as the fun continues in another country – Belgium!

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