Just in case you’re wondering…

Today is Friday.


All week long, I have been feeling like this:

Cause it’s been too damn cold to function…
Trying but not really...
At work… I’ve been trying but not really…

But… this time next week, I will be celebrating my last day as a trainee so come Friday 5:30pm next week, I will be feeling like this:

hurry up!!!!
hurry up!!!!
bunnies and unicorns
as I gallop off into the sunset…
Adios life as a trainee - hello life as an associate.
Adios life as a trainee – hello life as an associate (amazing? we shall see…)

Before I get stuck into all of that stuff (by stuff, I mean super interesting financial regulation that will be my life for the next….. however many years until I decide to give it all up to run away to the islands), I am going on a month long sabbatical.

This seems totes apprope.
This seems totes apprope.

This is getting real people – I set sail (in a plane obvi) in 9 days for a whole month of sunshine, mangos and adventure (but mostly mangos and sunshine…. medium adventure).

In just 9 days, I will be heading here:

if you need me, I'll be in paradise
if you need me, I’ll be in paradise

doing this:


And this:

Attempting selfies (obvi)
Attempting selfies (obvi)


y’all know I won’t be running unless something is chasing me…. let’s be real

And this:

Yoga on the beach
Yoga on the beach

Almost there, almost there…. just have a week to go! Happy Friday!!



4 thoughts on “Just in case you’re wondering…

  1. Always hilarious! Enjoy your month off — what an incredible gift to yourself! Random question: George Bush? What is he doing ???

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