Finding Nemo

This morning I woke up to find a cat on a hot tin roof. Literally. image
I also feel like my selfie game has been a bit lacking so I upped the ante just a bit today with a few good ones


This is me seriously contemplating moving to Koh Tao to become a yoga teacher and dive master.

image I enjoyed four smoothies today – this is the first in a long line of watermelon smoothies coming my way in the next couple of weeks. Lunch was another smoothie and a chat with my diving and yoga buddy. image We had classroom time this morning with our killer instructor Tanya. And we had to take a final exam covering everything we have learned over the past two days. image Obvi, I aced it. imageThen it was off to the diving boat to head out on our first real open water dive. Our first dive lasted about 40 minutes and was at a place called Japanese Gardens. We made it to about 7m, ran some skills and then had a look at some of the cool coral and fish. imageimage
Our second dive was so much better than the first – we went descended slowly to about 12m and as soon as we got down there we saw a school of barracuda and it was so thick it looked like a wall – absolutely breathtaking. We saw angelfish, clownfish, tiny little spear-like fish and tons of others! The little anemones on the coral were so cool and we had such a blast swimming around looking at all of the amazing wildlife. We did get some slight stinging from micro jellyfish but this happens easily as they are too small to see and avoid. Once we got back on the boat, we warmed up with hot chocolate and fresh fruit in the sun. We got back to the dock and our awesome driver, Ko, took us back to the offices.

Jane and I made our way to a beachfront restaurant for an early dinner and smoothie before yoga where we watched the sunset over the beach. After a quick shower and change, we headed to a 90 minute restorative yoga class which eased us into total relaxation.

After class, we made our way back to our hotel’s beachfront cafe for, wait for it, another fruit smoothie before bed. We have our last two open water dives tomorrow morning before being certified as PADI divers!


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