Last 24 hours on Koh Tao

Unfortunately my time on Koh Tao was coming to a swift end, with departure by ferry scheduled for 3pm on Monday.

Due to my unexpected stomach bug, I had to miss my last two advanced open water dives. Luckily, the cool cats at Ocean Sound issued a partial refund and gave me training credits to be used towards certification. I am going to hook up with dive schools in either Koh Phi Phi or Koh Lanta to complete the dives before I head back to London.

I spent most of Sunday sleeping off the bug but come Sunday evening, I knew I had to get out and get something to drink. My dive buddy became my roomie for the night so she picked me up, took me to 7-11 to get Gatorade and water then I went to hold her hand while she got a bamboo tattoo. Despite the amount of peer pressure on these tropical islands to get strange tattoos representing independence, travel, elephants and turtles – I am almost 100% positive that I would regret getting any tattoo – especially if it was a dolphin on my lower back.
We then returned to our beachfront restaurant at the hotel for some more Gatorade and some steamed rice, strangely shaped like a bear.
IMG_9395 I did manage to enjoy a final sunset on Koh Tao before sleeping off the rest of my stomach bug.

Today, Monday, was the day I was supposed to be diving but alas, still wasn’t up for it. Diving will dehydrated or sick is more dangerous so I decided to give it a pass until I was feeling better. I got up early, packed my bag, picked up my laundry (4lbs of laundry, beautifully washed, dried, ironed and smelling amazing for $1.50), sat by the ocean and nursed a Gatorade, some scrambled eggs and toast.

I had a taxi picking me up to take me to the ferry at 2pm so Jane and I just chilled near the beach until then. She bought me a gorgeous bracelet from one of the roadside vendors near the beach to thank me for letting her crash in my room last night – it was such a nice gesture and I love the bracelet!

The ferry was about two hours long so I had some quality reading and selfie time.

IMG_9411 The ferry is a pretty practical way to island hop – you can buy tickets the same day here, a taxi service is usually included in the price to pick you up and drop you off and only takes a couple hours. Plus, it’s relatively cheap.

Once I got to Koh Samui, I managed to get into one of the ferry shuttles going towards my hotel so I only had to pay 100 baht (£2/$3) instead of a taxi, which would have been around 600 baht. The shuttle was giant and totally tricked out:

The shuttle dropped me right at my hotel: Vikasa Yoga Center.

I was warmly welcomed with a fresh coconut and an amazing view.
I was shown to my “yoga cave” room which is single occupancy with an amazing ocean view. The toilets and showers are shared but really nice – and I have hot water again! After a week without hot water, I was so happy to take a long shower and properly wash my hair!

I went to the dinner buffet and the spread was impressive: green veggie soup, curried lentils, cucumber salad, corn salad, brown rice and lime salad, shrimp sautéed with mushrooms and zucchini and tofu and pepper stir fry. The food was excellent so I am looking forward to tomorrow’s brunch buffet! Full details and pictures about Vikasa to come tomorrow!

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