Big life decisions

My time at Vikasa on Koh Samui had prompted some fairly substantial life decisions… Beach or pool? Bikini or monokini? Yoga in the morning, afternoon or evening? Mango smoothie or sparkling watermelon juice? Swim, read or get a massage? So many decisions to make, I almost can’t handle it.

Yesterday was my first full day at Vikasa and it totally lives up to my expectations (which, as you know, are unreasonably high). I woke up to this view from my bed:
IMG_9451IMG_9469 The hotel is on the cliffs overlooking the ocean and the views are breathtaking.

There are four classes a day, all included in the price of the hotel, ranging from meditation to Pilates to different kinds of yoga. I started the day off yesterday with a rather long, intense but amazing Hatha flow class.
IMG_9452 Was proud of being able to finally do crow without falling over and was happy with my shoulder stands – progress. Not going to lie, I woke up hella sore this morning. Two yoga classes in a day is a lot!

Another major plus, brunch and dinner buffets are included along with fresh juices, teas and coffees. The brunch buffet is my favorite – some variety of egg, toast, tons of fruit, this amazing dill cream cheese spread and veggie juice.
IMG_9456 And the view doesn’t hurt either.
IMG_9471 The dinner buffet is quite good as well – mostly vegetarian but everything is really delicious. They always have a Thai soup as well, which I love!

My room is one of the single accommodations called the yoga cave:
IMG_9466 It is perfect and even has air conditioning! The only downside is that the toilets and showers are shared but they are much nicer than my last hotel so I’m a happy little duckie.

I spent the day yesterday reading and swimming the infinity pool – it was a perfect day of relaxation.
The spa looks amazing – I think I will have to check that out today via some sort of massage, you know, for the full experience.

The next day or so may be lacking in blog updates due to the lack of excitement and activity – I can only blog so much about reading by the pool. Stay tuned though – on Friday morning I will begin the long journey by car, ferry and bus to Phuket Town!


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