Last day on Phi Phi

We had a beautiful last day on Koh Phi Phi. We spent the day laying on the beach and swimming in the shallow waters of Loh Dalem Bay. Jil went kayaking around the bay while I got back to reading on the beach. It was heavenly.
IMG_0123IMG_0124IMG_0126IMG_0120IMG_9943IMG_0122 After a watermelon shake on the soft sand, we decided to hike the 3km uphill to the viewpoint for the sunset. The hike up was heinous but the view was totally worth it. And Jil bought me an ice cream at the top – he clearly knows what it takes to motivate me. IMG_0113IMG_0029IMG_0115IMG_0111IMG_0110 The hike down was a bit more enjoyable.  We stopped for a wonderful £3 pedicure on the way back to the hotel before dinner. IMG_0058 We had dinner at Basil Bistro after I overheard some dive instructors talking about how great it is. And it was!! I had the Tom Kha Gai soup, Jil ordered the Phad Sie Ewe noodles and we split the veggie spring rolls and chicken wontons. IMG_0117IMG_0116 It was so delicious and by far one of the cheapest meals we have had in Thailand, with our total bill coming to just over 300 baht (£6/$10) for two starters, two mains and two drinks. Not too bad for an amazing meal!

On our walk back to the hotel, we decided to go on a long cat hunt. There are so many cats lounging around the island! We even had a big fluffy momma cat and her baby kitties in our hotel! IMG_0109IMG_0118IMG_0107
We had such a fantastic few days on Koh Phi Phi; the views, the sunsets, the beaches, the people, the food… Everything lived up to the hype and more! Excited for the adventures awaiting us on Ko Lanta!

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