Beach bunny 

So sorry for my radio silence these past few days – have been uber busy being a total beach bunny.

We arrived on Sunday afternoon in Koh Ngai (pronounced high) after a tuk tuk experience and an hour-long ferry ride from Ko Lanta.

Koh Ngai is a small island south-east of Ko Lanta and is only 4km by 2km in size. There are only a handful of “hotels” on the island – all of which only offer camping sites or bungalows (ranging from very very basic to a/c and private bathroom) – we decided to splurge and stay at the top-rated CoCo Cottage for our five nights on the island. When we arrived by ferry, we found out there isn’t a pier but instead a series of long-tail boats that transfer passengers directly to their hotel’s beach. There are no roads on the island – only the beach for walking or some internal jungle hiking paths. Any transportation to other parts of the island is done either by walking along the beach or by long-tail taxi boat.

We arrived at our beach-front bungalow and my jaw dropped.

the view from the front porch of our bungalow

Between the colors of the water and the colors of the sky, I was floored. Not only that but because of its remote location and limited hotel options, there are hardly any tourists. The beaches are empty and breathtakingly gorgeous.

Our days here have been filled with reading, swimming, walking along the beach, chasing crabs, avoiding jellyfish and kayaking to the nearby islands.

We have also been making friends, but don’t tell Rajah – he will get jealous.

There is a family of baby black labs that live along the beach and they come to play with everyone at all of the hotels. So cute! They like to chase crabs, like Jil. There are monitor lizards living on the grounds of our hotel. The biggest one I saw is the size of my arm but Jil saw a much bigger one! We also have a bengal living at our hotel – his name is Kintaro!  He (his owner) is also on Instagram (@iamkintaro) – oh the age of social media.

Last night we had a bit of a scare as there was a big lizard in our room. I screamed. Jil flipped out. We don’t know where the lizard is now. By big, I mean six inches. So not one of those cute little geckos…..we have named him Larry. Going to have to check our backpacks before we leave.

We have tried a few of the different dining options (i.e. the other hotels) but none have been as good as the restaurant at CoCo Cottage. The fried prawn cakes are delish – we have also tried their cashew chicken, seafood stir fried with sweet thai basil, garlic and chilies, the green curry with chicken and the Penang beef curry (our personal fave). Jil has also gone western and tried their club sandwich and cheeseburger.

Jil was so set on only eating pad Thai until about 48 hours into his time in Thailand, when he realized that pad thai is the most bland and basic of Thai cuisine. So luckily he has branched out quite a bit! Last night we went to the cliff view resort where Jil finally got his bbq fish: red snapper.


world’s longest happy hour

I have been caught many times lingering for too long over the cocktail menu (which is literally a book) – and includes an Oreo, Baileys, creme de menthe milkshake! I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.

I shall leave you with some words of wisdom courtesy of CoCo Cottage‘s toilets:

Happy hump day!

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