Koh Lanta 

Our days on Koh Lanta were filled with scooter exploration of the island and discovery of beautiful, secluded beaches tucked away from the main road. 

It was blissful to say the least. On our last day on Lanta, we got massages on the beach, had smoothies and ice cream (lunch of champions) further down the coast, then had a fabulous dinner at the Beach House restaurant. 

$7 massages on the beach

we found beach cows. #moo

international law firm?! perfect.

we took cheesy pictures where we stare off into the sunset

Jil made another feline friend as we tucked into an amazing meal.

fried morning glory with a small spicy shrimp soup

spicy choo chi shrimp for Jil

spicy yellow curry soup with egg noodles and chicken for me

mango and sticky rice – also tried the mango run homemade ice cream which was to die for!

oh yea, and there were fireworks.

The Beach House restaurant looks like a beach front shack when you drive by but it is one of the best meals we had by far in Thailand. The cook is a one-woman show, running the kitchen, stirring up her famous mojitos, making fantastic dishes from start to finish and taking orders from the six tables in her restaurant. She was warm and friendly, telling us stories of how she moved south from Chiang Mai while telling us about all her homemade ice cream creations ranging from mojito, to coconut to mango rum. We had to reserve in advance to ensure a table – she is booked up every night of the week and we now know why! 

It was a perfect end to our six days on Ko Lanta. We made our way back to our little hotel stopping only to take pictures of the tiles and ourselves. Next stop: Koh Ngai! 


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