Turning one!

While I still have quite a few blog posts to catch up (mostly Thailand-related), I couldn’t let today go by without a special post to celebrate my one year blogiversary. Stilettos & Statutes is one year old today – can you believe it?!

To be fair, a lot has happened in the last year so I have had tons to write about – and the next year looks just as fun-filled and jam-packed as the last, so get ready for Year 2 of S&S – it’s going to be, in a word, FAAAAABULOUUUUSSSSS (Oprah-style).


You may have guessed from my blogging silence, I am back in London and back at work…. gone are the days of drinking cookies and cream milkshakes spiked with crème de menthe and baileys on the beach while birds chirped and lizards lept… where the most crucial decision I would have to make that day was whether to up the spice level in my evening curry (the furthest I got was 40% of local spiciness).

In other exciting news….

Last Monday was my first day back but it was a monumental day of firsts:

  • first day back in the office after a month of vacation
  • first day wearing make-up in over a month (this is probably the longest I’ve gone sans make-up since I was ummm around 11 or 12)
  • first day wearing pantyhose or what I would like to call, real clothing, in over a month
  • first day having to set an alarm clock in over a month

but most importantly, it was my first day as a lawyer!

First day as a lawyer called for an elevator selfie… obviously.

Considering I started down my road to law (technically) in 2009 (although my mom would argue that my road to law started around the age of two when I learned the power of the words “that’s not fair”), finally seeing the word “associate” on my business cards and email signature makes me one pretty proud bunny.

All week long (okay, almost all week…. you have to give me some time to re-adjust) I worked like a good little lawyer bee, staying late (ish), drafting client emails/memos and fervently researching minute legal issues… even made it to hot yoga twice! Back and better than ever.

Then the weekend hit… and it all started to catch up with me – the month of travelling, the brutal and frigid return to the northern hemisphere, starting a new job with a new team, new office and new roommate…. and I crashed. I napped a grand total of five times this weekend – 2 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday. I didn’t leave the house once. Rajah was in heaven!

IMG_0967 IMG_0970 IMG_0971Luckily for you, I am paparazzi’ed in my own home so you get to share in all the excitement. So from one year blogiversaries to becoming a lawyer to lazy Sundays, you get the full spectrum of my current activities. We have lots of fun coming up in the very near future so stay tuned… coming up this week: Kevin Spacey, afternoon tea and networking to the max!

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