My latest addiction: Class Pass

As you may remember from my new year’s resolutions post, I resolved to jump back on the fitness bandwagon. And jump, I have!

January and February were full of yoga, whether at Blue Cow Yoga in the City or at fabulous studios along the Gulf of Thailand coast (swoon). The first two weeks of March brought hiking through jungles (well, sorta…) and lots of swimming and playing in the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea (ugh, double swoon).

But now it is back to reality and I had to get back to some sort of fitness routine.

In a rare, sparkly, completely unexpected coincidence, Class Pass entered the London market on March 9th! Hip, hip, hooray!

Wait, you have never heard of Class Pass? Oh my, it is life-changing.

Things I hate generally: spending a fortune on a gym membership I don’t use (because I inevitably get bored and can think of a million other things I would rather do, like eat mac and cheese). Things I love: trying new things and finding fabulous places to get my fit on without committing to doing the same thing over and over and over again.

Class Pass is the dream – for one monthly rate (which BTW is cheaper than most gyms around my office and is cheaper than a vast majority of the cool, hip fitness studios), I have access to 5, 10, 30 classes at over 180 different fitness studios. Classes are run seven days a week, with start times from 6am to 10pm, all over the entire London area – near work, near home, near trendy new brunch spots I want to try on the weekend. I can sign up for classes using the handy-dandy Class Pass app (iPhone only – serves you non-iPhone people right) or on their sleek website.

There is something for everyone: pilates, reformer pilates, barre, bootcamps, personal training sessions, HiIT, circuits, spinning, trampolining, yoga (hot, lukewarm, restorative, rocket, dynamic, vinyasa, ashtanga, etc, etc), dance (splits/pole dancing…….) and hundreds of other fun, exciting classes. Most classes in central London studios cost about £12-25 per class without some sort of membership (with the most expensive usually being reformer pilates, which I have seen as high as £30 per class). With Class Pass, you have unlimited access to them all!

The catch (’cause it can’t all be rainbows and unicorns):

  • You have to pay a monthly fee (i.e., it isn’t free) – this is kind of expected
  • You can only take 3 classes at any one studio over the course of your monthly membership cycle – while this sounds like a bummer, the whole point is to take lots of classes in lots of different places (otherwise you should just get a membership at that one place…)
  • If you want to cancel a class, you have to cancel 12 hours before or face a penalty fee (£12)
  • If you forget to cancel a class and you miss it, you are charged a higher penalty fee (£18)

The penalty fees are the scariest bit of the whole thing (besides the pole dancing classes or learning to do the splits) – but, as someone who desperately needs as much motivation as possible to get her to work out, these penalty fees are driving me to get to commit and follow-through.

For all you little American birdies, Class Pass has been evolving in big cities all around you! Minneapolis, Chicago, DC, New York, Austin, etc, etc, etc. As of this month, they have gone international – expanding their awesomeness north (to Vancouver and Toronto) and across the pond (to me)!

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