Date night (with Kevin Spacey)

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE Kevin Spacey… even before House of Cards.True love, a love to last a lifetime.

635614663299986863-1871448004_zzSo when I heard that he was coming back to London for a re-run performance of his one man show, Clarence Darrow, at the Old Vic as his au revoir to his tenure as Creative Director, I knew I had to go. After hours and hours and hours of virtual queuing (how modern and British of me), the tickets were mine!

635614652075793984-1371705193_tumblr_n70wqwJ0vP1ttrynvo1_500Even though we went last year, I managed to drag convince my better half to accompany me for a second date night with Kevin Spacey himself as our third wheel…


This is what I had in mind….


Reality is just as sweet.

IMG_1004As expected, Kevin was amazing. As if there was any doubt…


Longest standing ovation of all time…



Adieu, Kevin. The Old Vic will miss you.

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