April Fools… Big Law Version

So yesterday was April 1st… which means everyone on Facebook was moving to another country, quitting their job, announcing pregnancy, etc, etc, etc. As if anyone ever believes all that hoohah.

There were quite a few funny media jokes… one of my personal faves (sent to me by not one but two Wisconsin-natives) is the story on allaboutbeer.com announcing the departure of New Glarus Brewing Co. from Wisconsin to (gasp!) Minnesota! Check it out here. Tee hee – all fun and games, no harm, no foul.

That is not the case when it comes to the law. We don’t make people laugh (especially with our hourly rates). And, sometimes, when some lawyers (not all – I know a few fabulous ones!!) try to make people laugh, it becomes socially awkward, offensive and in poor taste (I have witnessed this on many occasions…). But this April Fools joke takes the cake… Case in point.

When you have hundreds of lawyers worldwide working their butts off, sending out an April Fools joke email about work-life balance is a very, very bad idea. Especially when the last line of that email is “We are proud to be taking a leadership role in caring about our colleagues’ quality of life.” Can you say “slap in the face”? Would not be surprised if we see quite a few associates from said firm make a move to somewhere a bit more humane less stupid.

May this be a lesson to you all… keep the funny-haha in April Fools, don’t be an d-bag.

Enjoy the long weekend and Happy Easter!

Leaving the office...
Leaving the office…See you Tuesday!

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