Lull in excitement

The last few months have been full of exciting changes: the holidays, a month in Thailand, my first month as a lawyer… but now we are in a bit of a lull. I am slowly settling back into my associate work routine, I am desperately trying to get my fitness on whenever possible (thanks to ClassPass) and I am spending my weekends spring-cleaning to the max.

All. very. thrilling. (not)

Lull in excitement = lull in blogging.

Because you can only blog so much about spring cleaning (which I did last year… exhibit A), I have very little to say. Last weekend, we threw out 4 giant garbage bags full of old, holy (I’m talking to you, black leggings from 2010), worn-out, un-donate-able clothes and shoes (farewell Uggs).  I also went through my entire wardrobe and disposed of everything bigger than a size 8 – if I can’t wear it, I won’t keep it – it will either be donated or sold on Ebay (exciting Sunday plans).

Literally, I have nothing left (that is not entirely true).

There is a little bit of excitement happening this weekend…. tonight (woop – Friday) I am taking my amazing trainee intake (all still trainees except me!) out for a little celebratory qualification drink-poo (or three). Tomorrow, a group of us are taking advantage of a free day corporate pass to the newly-renovated Virgin Active gym and spa facilities here. A bit of anti-gravity yoga, a core/ab-focused class and full access to the pool, steam rooms, hydrotherapy pool… should definitely help with the hangover (well, maybe not the anti-gravity yoga).

Have a fabulous weekend!


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