Bug bites

Oh the travel bug… gets me every time. Whenever anyone says holiday…. this happens:


And thanks to the wonderful wonderfulness of living in Europe and being fully employed, I have a glorious 25 days (plus public holidays bien sur) of holiday to take each and every year (to the extent that holiday is approved by the higher-ups).

We were initially thinking about moving to a bigger, better, closer apartment (and therefore spend mo money on rent) but we decided to forego the schmancy flat in Shoreditch for our current (lovely though rather dull location) flat because we would rather spend money on other things, like vacations….


I think it is for the best because this year is an epic year of travel and fun. As you may recall, I kicked off the year with a quick weekend in Belgium and a full month of backpacking (fine, it was like backpacking light…. diet backpacking) and island-hopping in Thailand. Check and check. Vacation days used: 10 (6 of which were carried over from last year) – remaining vacation days in 2015: 21 whole days.

Where to next, you ask? Well, we have a sneaky weekend planned sometime in May for a surprise dirty thirty birthday party in gay Pareeeee (i.e., Paris). Details to come after the event for obvious surprise-ruining reasons.

But the next big trip is only 7 weeks away! I will be heading back to the motherland (my first of three trips scheduled for 2015) to spend six days exploring Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. This may come as a surprise to many of you as this is not (at all) my typical vacation – no beach, not necessarily sunny, super outdoorsy…. but I am actually really excited! My mom, sister, brother and I have not been on vacation together (to a place where one of us does not currently reside) since a family trip to Playa del Carmen in March 2007. 2007 – eight years ago… my little sister was just turning 18 and my little brother was still a little bebe who hated wearing sunscreen and got severe burns that made all of the pictures from that vacation hilarious. It was also the trip that allowed my sister and I to practice our pharmaceutical Spanish and taught our little brother that when mom sends you for a spa treatment, you may actually experience Mexican water torture (in a basement, in a paper thong).  I expect that this trip will be similar in many ways, especially as our maturity levels seem plummet when the three of us get together (sorry mumsicle!!).

I am flying into Salt Lake City, we are driving to and through the parks and eventually ending up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where I fly out for the second part of the trip. I am heading back to Green Bay, Wisconsin (via Salt Lake City and Minneapolis for crying out loud) for a couple of days of Granny Camp with my one and only Gram – very crucial and most exciting. Might have a short night in Milwaukee and a drive down to Chicago (via the outlet mall …. for obvious reasons) before heading back to London. As always, my trip to the US will be jam packed. Vacation days used: 7 – vacation days remaining: 14 (woop!)

The end of 2015 is looking a little bottom-heavy with vacation in the States but that is just fine with me:

  • October: first year associate conference for work (to which I plan on adding a few vacation days (2/3) on either end plus weekends (for a total of 5 vacation days used)) – going to make another quick trip to Wisconsin and going to try to make it to Washington DC for a few days to see some of my favorite people
  • December: Christmas vacation – back home to Wisconsin, this time with my partner in crime in tow (poor thing hasn’t been stateside since Christmas 2013!). Vacation days scheduled: 5 (plus 1 from my 2016 allowance for the day that falls in January!).

I can’t even remember the last time I made three trips back to the States in one year… it may have never happened before! Oh joy and helloooooooo miles!

Looks like the next year is going to be full of world-wide adventure!

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