Jet-setting – the long haul

Before anyone starts getting mad jealous at my jet-setting lifestyle, there are some things you should know: I took 7 days off work, plus had two weekends… total of 11 days. I worked all but two of those days….. this did not make me the happiest of campers (we didn’t camp, please…), but I have a strange feeling that this will be neither the first nor last time that work consumes my vacation time. If anything, it was more of a ‘welcome to the next 20 years of your life’ than a one-off occurrence. Depressing, but hey, that’s why they pay us the big bucks (right? yes? Bueller?) In any case, I have since reclaimed (and had approved) three additional vacation days to make up for the “inconvenience”. I’ll take it (now, to start planning a long weekend escape….).

So I set off on my super exciting outdoorsy holiday with the fam (mom, sis and bro). London to Dallas to Salt Lake City in one day.

Looking relatively fresh when I started out in London.
Looking relatively fresh when I started out in London.
Blue skies flying into Dallas.
Suburbia defined – Dallas.
Flying from Dallas to Salt Lake City – mountains, desert, snow and lush rolling hills.
About to land in Salt Lake City.
About to land in Salt Lake City.

I am slowly but surely working on all the posts about our time and fun in Yellowstone/Grand Teton/Green Bay and Milwaukee. These should be coming in the next couple of days, so stay tuned for crazy family vacation pictures and stories!

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