Roadtrippin’ to Yellowstone

For those of you who do not know, Yellowstone National Park is the most remote place on the planet. It is the place where all of the greatest fears of our time become reality:
FullSizeRenderBut seriously. All I ask is for a bit of 3G once and a while for work emails and instagram… is that too much to ask?!? I had better service on remote Thai islands than in the middle of the national parks. #firstworldproblems

In order to get to the remotely wonderful Yellowstone, you have to drive… and drive we did! We left Salt Lake City bright and early after a killer hotel breakfast that included a waffle machine with a sign: “waffles are pancakes with abs”. We spent most of the day in the car and we have lots of pictures as proof:

No one in our family travels light…. no one.
Blue eyed beauts.
Token starbucks stop.
Idaho rest stop family selfie.
Arriving in Yellowstone!
This picture was after a few days in Yellowstone – you can tell by Alex’s hilarious v-neck sunburn.

More to come on Yellowstone fun soon!

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