Watermelons, Bronuts and Afternoon Tea

So much excitement over the past two weekends! One of my most favorite friends from the States was in town visiting so we got up to no good together…. during the week, while I went to work, she ventured off to Paris for some fun and excitement of her own. Here is what went down in weekend one!

Weekend one was full of eating, drinking, catching up and exploring London – here’s the proof:

Lewisham Street Feast
Oh we went in….
A watermelon full of gin… yes, please.
After a couple of watermelons….
We did eat some food… less than we drank though!
Oh, and there were brownies…

Saturday morning was spent sleeping off the hangover lovingly provided by the three giant watermelons full of gin that we consumed… but we did manage to make it out for champagne afternoon tea at the Cavendish.

IMG_2411 IMG_2410 IMG_2409

We made it out to a delightful themed half-Christmas party on Saturday night:

Half Christmas is the best!
Half Christmas is the best!

On Sunday, we had another lie in and then went to lunch at Dishoom with a friend from grad school followed by an afternoon stroll through the British Museum.

IMG_2447 IMG_2448 FullSizeRender3

We had fish and chips and Sunday roast for dinner and it was the most fabulous of times… until Weekend 2! Just you wait!

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