I’m baaaaaack!

My most profuse apologies dear readers (if there are any left) – life has been just a smidge crazy – and by that I mean – unpredictable and certifiably insane – over the past few months. I know my last post dates back more than three months ago. Life has certainly gotten the best of me.

Since the end of June, a lot of madness has happened – so much so that each month of absence requires its own post. Here’s a little preview:

  • I made a quick, unexpected, week-long trip back to Wisconsin for a funeral (sad times but I got some more family time in, which is always a good thing);
  • I separated from my husband… Β no details will be given for obvious reasons (it was in the pipelineΒ since earlier this year) but this is more an FYI than anything else – there will be a lot more “I” than “we” in the posts to come….
  • I moved into a new apartment (goodbye gritty East London, hello gorgeous South West London) after two months of flat-hunting that nearly sucked the life from me (London – you are wonderful for most things, property hunting is not one of them);
  • I joined a tennis club – as you do when you move to Wimbledon;
  • I made another trip back to the States for the new associates conference and a bit of fun (that’s a lie…. a lot of fun);
  • I found a wonderful new home for little Rajah (who was devastated by the break-up, the move and the fact that he is now home alone for approx. 16 hours a day, which has resulted in howling, crying and neighbors complaining) – his new family is going to just love him to bits so it is both heartwarming and heartbreaking all at once; and
  • I continued to work like a crazy person as a first year associate…. so that has been time consuming.

The posts to come will fill in more of the details and have lots of pics to document all of the fun, drama and excitement that these past few months have brought. Stay tuned my little kumquats – I am back and better than ever.

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