Home again, home again

At the end of July, I had to make an unexpected trip back to Wisconsin for my grandpa’s funeral – his death initially was a shock (I got the call from my mom when I was in an uber between apartment visits) but I choose to focus on the silver lining….

He lived an amazing life – full of adventure, family, travel and success. He is no longer in any pain or suffers from the debilitating effects of dementia. He is finally home with his parents. The grandchildren were fortunate enough to have an amazing grandfather who made us laugh, paid us to scratch his back and pick up pine cones, told us to punch our TS card, drew little bugs and spiders on our hands, took us for pancakes at the crack of dawn, told us to get a job picking beans, played Yahtzee (c’mon nickles) and smoked cigars out in the garage. My grandpa was the coolest cat in town and he will be greatly missed.

Another part of the silver lining was an extra trip home for six days to see my family and spend some special time with my gram – the second of four trips back to the States this year.

Me and my gramps.
Me and my gramps.
Back in his navy days….
With my cute little sister
My grandparents on their wedding day
My grandparents are awesome….
Photo collage from the funeral.
Our last morning together – making pancakes with the sibs
Getting ready with my gorgeous baby cousin
Our family supports the Starbucks corporation.
We must be related….
Squirrel bath in gram’s garden.
Gram’s garden with all the flowers from the funeral

The funeral was moving and beautiful – the military salute and flag folding was breathtaking – when the navy officer knelt down and present the folded flag to my grandmother on behalf of the President of the United States, I had to use every bit of willpower I had not to ugly cry. Grandpa will be sorely missed but he won’t ever be forgotten.

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