Chi-town and Mil-a-wa-kay

After the long weekend in New York, we dragged our sorry, hungover behinds on to a flight to Chicago for the first year associate conference… luckily, we we now high flying on the firm’s dime so we rocked up to the Ritz Carlton in Chicago smelling of booze and looking like death. Naps ensued.

We made it to a Bulls game and had a fantastic dinner out before the conference began. The conference was relatively fun – meant we got to meet all of the other newbies from other offices which was a blast. Between dinner at a steak house and cocktails at an arcade, plus hours of training and information sessions… we were exhausted by the the end of the third day. Here’s just a few highlights:

The view from my bed at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago…. no big deal.
View from my room.
Sunset too.
The gorgeous lobby (I am ordering that chandelier for my new place).
Crab cake eggs benedict for the win.
Back in professional gear.
And suddenly we were all looking just a bit more lively and human.
View from the headquarter office in Chicago.
Legs and lake.
Han in awe.
The view from the office’s roof terrace.
Had to get a group shot – we are so gosh darn professional when we put our minds to it.

After the end of the conference, I rented a little red car and headed up north to see the fam. Made my way up to Green Bay and I couldn’t have been happier – pumping up the jams, windows down, sun shining and making my way back to Gram’s for a bit of rest and relaxation (andΒ liver rehab).

Happy as a clam.
Miss driving!!
Got to see Maggie Cat!

After a few days at Gram’s, I went back to Milwaukee – quick dinner with Dad before heading to Mom’s for the last 36 hours of my trip where I managed to get in the essentials: Mumsicle time, time with my bestie, mexican (heavenly), shopping and some serious snuggles with Riley.

Such a majestic cat – Riley.
Mexican with Mumsie.
Found the perfect Little Red Riding Coat…. so I bought it πŸ™‚

Another super quick trip home which is always jam-packed with fun, friends and frantic travel over vast parts of the country. Will only be home for five days at Christmas (trip 4/4 to the US in 2015) so I am glad I got all this extra time in! Up next: Weekend in Dublin!!

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