Ringing in the New Year

Big end of year/new year post is still to come but I thought I would update you on the festivities of saying adios and good riddance to 2015.

After sleeping for 24 hours on return from America, I got myself together, showered and got all dolled up – time for a bit of fun. One of my besties was in town with her husband so I managed to catch up with them for a couple of rounds in the pub on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve.

Castles and dragons… oh London.

It was so good to see both of them – and so unexpected! Found out the day before we both left America! I hadn’t seen either of them since their wedding last November (all chronicled here) so it was amazing to see them after a crazy year.

I scooted home to get ready for NYE – my newest London-based, lawyerly American friend (who I met through a mutual friend in Paris) and I decided to go all out for NYE together. We found the NYE Prohibition party being hosted by Bourne and Hollingsworth at the Grand Hall at St Pancras. So we procured the necessary garments and accessories for a fab girls night out. It was spectacular.

Hair did, sequins on
The Northern Line to the 1920s
We managed to get a few non-selfie pics from new friends
FullSizeRender (1)
Selfies were obvi still taken
Blonde babes
Suspenders and selfies
Dancing until all hours
Confetti canons at midnight
Roulette with fake benjamins
Fending off the wolves…. kinda

We had a wonderful NYE (which, let’s be honest, is almost never the case – NYE is soooo overrated). We even managed to pre-book a cab home at 3am and I made it to my place just to watch the ball drop in New York while snuggled in my bed. It was glorious and definitely a wonderful start to 2016.

I spent the first two days of the year hibernating for the most part. I finished unpacking my apartment (yes, four months later), dealt with a huge stack of life admin, paid bills, went for a run and got a pedicure. I caught up on sleep and let life catch up with me… something I never have time to do. I had loads of work I could have done, but I didn’t (and – gasp! – it wasn’t the end of the world).

I finally escaped my cozy cocoon for a coffee with a close friend and a Sunday stroll around the National Portrait Gallery.



I then headed to Chelsea for a wander down the Kings road window shopping (and searching for the perfect dirty thirty birthday party dress – think I found it… pink sequins, here I come!).

I met my fabulous DC friend and her husband for a traditional champagne afternoon tea (when in Rome!):

Pretty, pretty princesses
Love these two!

It was the first time I booked afternoon tea at the Ivy Chelsea Garden and it was simply divine. Highly recommend it! The ambient lighting, comfy couches and chilled champagne made it a wonderful, relaxing few hours with the best company. It was the perfect Sunday… almost made it tolerable to head back to work for the first Monday of the new year!

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