This year is going to be better

Around this time last year, I published a post of 2015 goals and resolutions… little did I know that my year was not going to go to plan at all. I am a serious planner (hello Type A organisation addict) so for most of my plans to go to hell in a hand-basket, well, that isn’t easy for me to face. Looking back at my 2015 goal post is hard. I never, ever would have imagined that my life would have changed so radically in just one year.

Not all is lost – I did manage to achieve a few of the goals I set myself in January last year:

  • Fitness: got on the fitness bandwagon (Classpass, yoga, pilates, spin, etc) so that is a major win.
  • Diet/food: I have made large strides towards eating a more balanced diet  but that only really happened in the last few months of 2015. I had some serious eating issues over the summer, in the midst of my separation from my husband and the loss of my grandpa – the stress took its toll and I inadvertently lost too much weight which led to public fainting, concerned friends and family and my BMI dropping into the ‘underweight’ category. September rolled around and I got my ass in gear – better eating, gaining weight to get back to a healthy BMI and weight… onward and upward. Still a work in progress but I am getting there.
  • Work: I met all of my work goals with the exception of meeting my billable hour targets but that was due to a lack of billable work being sent my way. Not too worried about it – will get those hours in this year. Had much more important things to focus my energy on these past few months.
  • Love: Well, this is definitely the area that took the biggest hit this year. Lots of conflict, problems, the separation and a mutual decision to divorce – those weren’t exactly goals for 2015… I did manage to focus on other relationships over the year – I tried to stay in touch with people better (work in progress), managed to spend quite a bit of time with my family and friends (family vacation, four trips to the States to see friends and family, lots of fantastic visitors in London, etc), made a few new friends and made my social life a priority (despite work’s attempts to get in the way).
  • Money: Another iffy area – separation/divorce and an unplanned trip to the States definitely took its toll on the finances but despite that I managed to pay off two student loans in 2015 (only a few more to go). Might be a far cry from my intended financial goals for 2015 but considering the circumstances, it will do.

I have spent a lot of time over the past week or so reflecting on the madness that was 2015… the time spent alone did me a world of good – I needed to have everything catch up with me in order to process where I go from here. This year is going to be better (my current mantra).

I am not making extensive goals for the year – instead I have certain things that I want to focus on in 2016…

  1. Take better care of myself – I can’t afford to neglect my health, my sanity, my body, my mind so 2016 will be the year I start taking better care of me. This broadly includes keeping up the fitness momentum, drinking more water, getting more sleep, spending quality time with myself, keeping careful watch over my eating and stress, playing tennis regularly, etc.
  2. Quality over quantity – this needs to be a focus for almost every aspect of my life… work, friends, dating, eating, fitness. This is particularly relevant when it comes to friends, dating and meeting new people – no need to waste my time or energy on people who aren’t worth it!
  3. Make sound financial decisions – I need to keep hacking away at my iceberg of debt and I have some set goals in that regard (2 more student loans and 2/3 credit cards). I have already allocated full repayment of those 2 student loans before May 1st – so I am definitely on schedule to achieve these goals.
  4. Travel – I want to make it to four new countries this year… already have flights booked for Australia and New Zealand in February/March so I am already halfway there. Have a few other ideas for other new countries (Ivory Coast, Senegal, South Africa, Portugal). In terms of other travel plans, I have a couple girls trips planned (think spa weekend for my 30th and girly weekend to watch the men’s tennis championships in Monaco in April).

This year is going to be amazing. This year is going to be fun. This year is going to be fabulous.

Happy New Year xxx

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