30 x 365

My upcoming thirtieth birthday is the perfect excuse to treat myself… as if I need an excuse to treat myself (treat yo self). I could indulge in a beautiful pair of shoes (Louboutins) or a fabulously expensive new bag (Prada or Balenciaga)…. clearly, I have actually thought about this. Instead, I am gifting myself a year full of experiences – taking advantage of opportunities, saying yes and following my happy. I have 365 wonderful days as a 30 year old and I am going to make it an amazing (within the framework of fiscal responsibility… more or less… relatively… kinda… I won’t quit my job, okay?).

The fun starts January 27th and runs for 365 days until I turn 31. All posts relating to my 30 x 365 project can be found under this heading (or tag).

As y’all know, I am a bit of a planner (understatement of the century)… so in true form, I have been planning my pants off for this new project…. starting with:

  • A night out dancing Β with my closest London crewΒ for my birthday – think sparklers, unicorn tapestries and music all night long… and most likely some sort of pink sparkly dress or a crown… possiblyΒ both.
  • A lush spa weekend away with a few lovely ladies to detox/retox from the night out dancing the weekend after.
  • A three week vacation extravaganza from Feb 26 to March 20 (you may remember that I managed to skip town from mid-Feb to mid-March last year for four weeks… this is turning into a habit). This time I am going even further east (or west, depending on where you are) – down under to Oz and New Zealand (Melbourne, Tasmania, Auckland, Rotorua, Sydney) for two fun-filled weeks of touring, exploring and wedding celebrating with my Paris girls (love love love you girls). I don’t get to see these wonderful women enough so two whole weeks with them is a serious blessing.
  • The third week deserves its own bullet point – I am flying solo! After partner approval, I managed to add on a week to my previously approved holiday time. So I have decided that while I am in the neighborhood (well, relatively) that I would head up to the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef for a week of diving, snorkeling, lounging, reading and relaxation before heading back to cold, rainy dark London (and the office). Three of those nights will be spent on a liveaboard sailing and diving boat where I can put my PADI certification to good use to explore the reef up close and personal.
  • A series of four-day-weeks will ensue (thank you Easter and bank holidays!) before I head to the Monte Carlo Masters with some girlfriends. We managed to score tickets to the quarter finals (doubles) and the finals (singles) on centre court! We are spending four days in Monaco watching the tennis, drinking rose and sunning on the riviera. Divine!

Those are just a few of the big things coming up between now and mid-April… so much to look forward to! There are also possible plans to attend the annual masked ball at the Palace of Versailles at the end of June, two bank holiday weekends in May that are potential weekends away, and as always, London provides a great playground for adventure, excitement and endless opportunities. Get ready… thirty is going to be epic.

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