The Big 3-0!

Just last Wednesday, I turned 30. I know… you never would have known if it weren’t for all of my anticipatory turning-30 references and posts. But yes, in fact, I did turn 30.

I spent the last month of my twenties hitting my highest billing month to date at the firm (not exactly something to be exceedingly proud of due to lack of sleep, social life etc, but an achievement nonetheless). When my birthday came around, I wanted to do it right… and I did.

When the clock struck midnight on the 27th of January, I was walking home in the rain from the train station after clocking a 15 hour day at the office, finishing with a conference call with a U.S.-based client at the end of their business day. If that isn’t an accurate start to my 30s, I don’t know what is.

Made an effort to get some serious sleep in, picked up some cupcakes for the office and took my sweet time getting in (literally, I rocked up at 11am).


I arrived to a desk full of presents including flowers from friends, flowers from my sis, champagne from friends and my sis, cards, chocolates and even a cake.


I did put in a few hours of work (emphasis on few) between eating cake and cupcakes and talking about my birthday plans. By 630pm, everyone was telling me to leave – I managed to drag a few close friends out to The Trading HouseΒ for a couple celebratory drinks before heading home.


It was the first night all month that I was able to leave the office before 9pm, so I wanted to go home and go to bed (again, clearly not in my 20s anymore). My day, although at work, was full of well-wishes, wonderful messages, Instagram tributes and happy feelings all around.

From my cute little sis!

I knew all the real fun would be had on the weekend so I wanted to rest up for that. Saturday was the big birthday celebration and I had 12 amazing friends come out and play! Before the festivities began, I had an ever so important hair appointment at my favorite salon Taylor & Taylor for a little enhancement (shorter, blonder, brighter).

Espresso Martini

I ran home to get ready for my big night out – donning my brand new sparkly pink ensemble picked out just for the occasion.


Made my way to Farringdon to start off the evening at BarSmith with 2 for 1 cocktails and pizza. After which, we made our way to Below & Hidden for more cocktails and dancing! Here are some of the highlights:

At BarSmith
Some of my favourite babes
Little Hannadoodle
Peacock feathers with a pout
Now you see me….
Drinks on drinks
This little Texan came all the way to London before moving to Paris!
Polaroids captured the magic
The unicorn tapestries were divine
I was definitely feeling the love
I hate attention… clearly
Champagne cocktail sipping from a lego head – typical Saturday
Ma boys.
See! Lawyers can have fun!
Selfies were captured
Love love love

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate, to everyone who sent me a note, message or happy thought on my big day. Love you oodles and oodles. Here’s to the next 30 years!


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