Weekend warrior

With my weeks so busy, my weekends are my most social time…. which definitely sometimes works against me (and my upwards-creeping sleep deficit). Oh well, you only live once!

This weekend was no different – Friday night = escape from the office, bar in the City with one of my fave legally blonde partners-in-crime, late night nibbles…

Sliders and fried mac and cheese with truffle mayo…. bar food at its best.
Legally blonde – out of the office!

Saturday held a special surprise for one of my besties. Her amazing boyfriend whisked her away to Cliveden for a long weekend outside of London and invited me to spend the day with them on Saturday. He arranged for massages and facials and some much-needed girly spa time for Han and me… whattaman!

Clock tower and a pool
Games of chess with a champion in training


Lovely lovebirds
Escaping London for the day
Mind the gap
My how you are big, Ben.

Sunday was for sleeping in, a delicious brunch with bellinis with my legally blonde cohort and a much needed mani/pedi in anticipation of my sunny vacation coming up next week.

Sunday brunch with bottomless Bellinis

Monday morning started bright and early with a floral pick up on the way into the office – my amazing office mate and I have decided to go halfsies on office flowers every week… makes such a difference when you spend every waking moment at your desk.

Monday flowers

And even Tuesday morning brought a pleasant surprise – an amazing belated birthday delivery from my favourite wisco-based bestie…. she won’t ever let me forget the wisco-girl in me… and I love her for it. Can’t wait to hang these in my apartment!

Belated birthday prezzie from my bestie

Not that anyone is counting… but t-4 days to departure!

Whatcha thinking sunshine?

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